Bucks Racks and Ribs: All You Need To Know About This Gentlemen’s Club

Bucks Racks and Ribs is an adult-oriented gentlemen’s club that focuses on shows and beers. They are located in Greenville, SC, right next to the Greenville Downtown Airport. However, they are also often listed as a restaurant. While this isn’t usually important, there was a large legal case between them and the SC Supreme Court based on what they provide to their customers. 

Keep reading to learn about the court case, what exactly Bucks, Racks, and Ribs is, what they offer to their guests, and how the ruling impacted their business. 

What is Bucks, Racks, and Ribs?

Bucks, Racks, and Ribs is a gentleman’s club, a restaurant, and a sports bar. They have 20 large TVs, allowing customers to view UFC and PPV fights most Sunday nights. Most other days of the week, they offer discounts on certain drinks, beautiful women, and full meals. 

Their meals include things like ribs, steaks, lobsters, and more. They even deliver between 4 and 10 PM to locations near to them, using Grubhub. Though many people find their food delicious, that is not what people immediately think about when they are asked as to what Bucks, Racks, and Ribs is. The scantily clad women, fights on TV and drinks are what traditionally comes to mind. 

This is what actually led to a big issue that caused Bucks, Racks, and Ribs to fight with the law, all the way up to the Supreme Court in South Carolina.  

The Court Cases Involving Bucks, Racks, and Ribs

Due to their scantily-clad women, there have been a lot of arguments between them and the sheriff’s department. The business that was there before them was known as Platinum Plus and was a strip club. They opened in 1999, and faced problems from 2001 onwards, until they finally shut down in 2016. Due to the frequent forced closures, court orders, and fights with the sheriff’s department, they had no choice but to close their doors and sell the business.

When Bucks, Racks, and Ribs took over the building, they took steps to avoid the same issues, such as making sure certain parts of the body were covered, and that people don’t engage in specified sexual activities. However, that doesn’t seem to matter to the sheriff’s department, as they are now targeting the new business. 

The owner of Bucks, Racks, and Ribs got tired of the constant targeting, and decided to take the county to court, saying that these attacks were trying to prevent any form of entertainment at the property, and that the the regulations were constantly being adjusted to harm the business, even as they attempted to follow the rules. The business was in an area known as a ‘no-naughty zone’, meaning that certain sexual acts and levels of nudity were not permitted, which is what led to the arguments.

That led to three court cases, taking them all the way to the South Carolina Supreme Court. 

The Court Cases and Their Rulings

Bucks sued the county over their ability to have their girls table dance

A sheriff entered the building one day and issued citations that night stating that an ‘unlawful amount of flesh’ was being shown. Bucks sued the county, stating that their First Amendment rights were violated. 

A decision was never reached, but they retained the right to temporarily keep their women dancing in the meantime.

Bucks sued the county over their ability to place a sign for their business up

Bucks submitted a proposal for a sign just off of the interstate, directing people to their business. After a month, the county denied the sign, and a few months later, Bucks took them to court. They fought for damages and a temporary sign permit.

They also cited that denying the sign contradicted their temporary right to keep their usual business going which was permitted as a result of the previous court case. 

Greenville county appealed court decisions

Going to the South Carolina Supreme court, Greenville fought for the right to enforce the law while the lawsuits and court cases were still pending. 

According to the circuit judges from the first two cases, as long as the cases were in process, the business had the right to run as normal. 

However the Supreme Court revoked this ruling and allowed the county to operate as normal while stripping the Bucks of their protections. 

Final Thoughts

The fights between the county and the business are still ongoing. There haven’t been any more court cases or rulings since the end of 2021. However, they are still frequently closed, and as of March 2022, are labeled as temporarily closed on Google. They have not released any statements as to why this is, but it is likely due to ongoing citations from the county. 

It is likely this process will continue until the business is either forced to shut down, or until they are granted more protections. 

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