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Ground Iberico-Wagyu Bulk Pack

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THE KING OF PORK MEETS THE KING OF BEEF: Campo Grande signature heirloom blend, combining 25% pure ground Wagyu Beef with 75% of our free-range Ibérico Pork. This may be the juiciest burger on the planet.


What's Inside:

  • 7 x Iberico/Wagyu Grind Packs (14 oz.)


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Sustainable – Family-owned farms. Humanely raised. Crate-free. Slow-growth breed that lives twice as long as the industrial standard.  

Flavorful – Umami. Nutty. Juicy. Tender.  

Nutritious – No antibiotics. No hormones. Non-GMO. High in Omega-9s and oleic acid, the same healthy fat in olive oil.  


What makes Ibérico Pork so special?

Those who have savored Ibérico all agree on one thing…

They couldn’t believe they were eating pork when they first tried it.

The natural umami, tenderness and superior marbling often leaves unsuspecting diners wondering if they were really eating pork, or a fine Wagyu steak.



Ibérico Pork comes from the distinctive Black Iberian Pig – also known as “Pata Negra”. It’s actually the same pork whose hind legs retail for up to $4,500 in the form of Spain’s world famous “Jamón Ibérico”. This rare breed from Spain is bred to contain a higher fat content than many other pigs, giving the meat a distinctive marbling similar to Kobe and Wagyu beef.


For true Ibérico perfection, the pigs have to be raised in the right environment and live a happy life. In fact, Ibérico pigs live twice as long as their counterparts. The pigs roam free and eat the local all-natural cuisine. They feed for at least two seasons to help garner that truly distinct flavor.

3 . DIET

Campo Grande’s Ibérico pigs are fed a diet of nuts and whole grains, which makes for multilayered flavor and incredible marbling.

Customer Reviews

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Our absolute favorite

Great for tacos!


Delicious, great quality, fast shipping, good communication, fair pricing! I will continue to buy this product!

Rob Hoover
Tasty blend

Makes juicy burgers and makes great chili. Planning on making sloppy Joe’s soon.

Chris B
Up your burger experience!

The burgers are seriously next-level! The blend of Iberico and Wagyu is like a flavor explosion in every bite. Hats off to Campo for creating such an epic blend.

Sara Alexander

I've made quite a few different meals with the mixture and all of them were delicious. Highly recommend you trying.

QUESTIONS ABOUT Ground Iberico-Wagyu Bulk Pack

The products are shipped from New Jersey, USA, and sourced from a network of artisan producers based in Spain. All of our producers are independent family farms committed to sustainability and the preservation of Spanish culinary tradition.

We flash freeze (at peak freshness) at our butchering facility in Spain and ship frozen. We ship every box with enough dry ice to make sure everything arrives completely frozen.

To ensure maximum freshness and avoid transit delays, we ship weekly on Tuesdays. So if you place an order on Friday, it will ship the next Tuesday. For most regions, the boxes will arrive in 2 days or less. We will provide an estimated delivery date once you place an order. Exact shipping times will vary based on your location.

Ibérico Pork is raised humanely on family-owned farms. Ibérico pigs live a long and happy life, up to twice as long as the industrial average. This “Slow Growth” process makes sure they live their best lives. Our pork is 100% cruelty-free.

Yes, Ibérico pigs have unobstructed access to roam free outside and live a happy life.

No. Our Ibérico is hormone and antibiotic-free. It’s also Non-GMO.

Ibérico is a truly remarkable experience because it doesn’t quite taste like pork. The natural umami, tenderness, and superior marbling leave unsuspecting guests wondering if they’re eating pork or the finest of Wagyu or Kobe steaks. Some even say It’s even better than Wagyu… and it’s Wagyu that should be the “Ibérico Of Beef”

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The natural umami, tenderness, and superior marbling often leave unsuspecting diners wondering if they were really eating pork or a fine Wagyu steak.

Yes! Ibérico pork is one of the healthiest meats you can eat. 99% of pork and chicken is fed corn. We move away from a corn-based diet which is lower in inflammatory (unhealthy) PUFA fat, called Linoleic Acid and higher in (healthier) oleic acid. In addition the meat is more nutrient dense because the animal lives twice as long as regular pigs so the muscles have more time to mature and develop.

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