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Ibérico Pork Shoulder (Picnic)

Whole iberico shoulder picnic with skin on. Prepared for the ultimate Carnitas, Pulled Pork and Chicharron you will ever try.



  • Sustainable – Family-owned farms. Humanely raised. Crate-free. Slow-growth breed that lives twice as long as the industrial standard.  
  • Flavorful – Umami. Nutty. Juicy. Tender.  
  • Nutritious – No antibiotics. No hormones. Non-GMO. High in Omega-9s and oleic acid (the same healthy fat in olive oil).


*Please note that Iberico Pork is hand-butchered and whole muscle cuts may vary in weight depending on the natural sizes of pigs.

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What's Inside

Ibérico Pork Shoulder (Picnic)




Those who have savored Ibérico all agree on one thing…

They couldn’t believe they were eating pork when they first tried it.

The natural umami, tenderness and superior marbling often leaves unsuspecting diners wondering if they were really eating pork, or a fine Wagyu steak.


Ibérico Pork comes from the distinctive Black Iberian Pig – also known as “Pata Negra”. It’s actually the same pork whose hind legs retail for up to $4,500 in the form of Spain’s world famous “Jamón Ibérico”. This rare breed from Spain is bred to contain a higher fat content than many other pigs, giving the meat a distinctive marbling similar to Kobe and Wagyu beef.


For true Ibérico perfection, the pigs have to be raised in the right environment and live a happy life. In fact, Ibérico pigs live twice as long as their counterparts. The pigs roam free and eat the local all-natural cuisine. They feed for at least two seasons to help garner that truly distinct flavor.

3 . DIET

Campo Grande’s Ibérico pigs are fed a diet of nuts and whole grains, which makes for multilayered flavor and incredible marbling.

Customer Reviews

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Tony F
Great cut, tender and moist

The pork shoulder was bigger than I have usually purchased, I did split it and freeze half so as not to waste it (there are only two of us). I then smoked it over apple wood, but without my usual overnight marinade. It was perfect, a nice layer of fat that kept the meat nice and moist, and the drippings helped flavor it during the smoking process. I used the bare minimum rub, to be able to assess the flavor of the meat, was a good decision. A very flavorful and moist cut, very tender and shredded nicely. Highly recommend.

William Charman
Too big. Too complicated.

I smoked it for 12 hours, like I would have smoked a pork butt. It was fattier and did not fall apart like a pork butt. It’s also as big as a thanksgiving turkey. Too much for me.

Jesse White
Ibirico greatness

I have not cooked it yet, but looks amazing. It is also a bug piece of meat. If it is like their other products it will be amazing.

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