Beef Loin NY Strip Steak Calories

A large portion of New York strip steak on your dinner plate sounds absolutely delectable. But, is strip steak a good choice if you're watching your calories, macronutrients, or overall dietary profile?

This is a comprehensive look at all the New York strip steak nutritional facts you should be aware of before ordering one from your favorite steakhouse.

New York Strip Steak Nutritional Facts

Three ounces is the recommended serving size for New York strip steak. According to the USDA, the nutrition of a 100-gram serving of New York strip steak, which is roughly the equivalent of 3.5 ounces, is as follows:

  • Calories: 155
  • Total Fat: 6 g
  • Saturated Fat: 2.6 g
  • Cholesterol: 58 mg
  • Sodium: 45 mg
  • Potassium: 282 mg
  • Carbohydrates: 0 g
  • Protein: 23 g

Many cuts of steak have a similar nutritional profile. Nonetheless, they each have slightly different variations that could make a significant difference in your diet plan depending on the nutrients that are most important to you.


People looking for a balanced diet should consider New York strip steak. In addition to the many nutrients found in beef, such as iron and zinc, New York strip steak provides the following health benefits:

It’s lean

Lean steaks that don't get tough when chewing are difficult to find unless you use specific cooking methods, such as slow cooking. However, New York strip steak does not fall under that same category.

This steak is relatively lean, with only six grams of total fat and less than three grams of saturated fat in a 3-ounce serving. Given that most people should limit their saturated fat intake to 13 grams or less per day, this cut of steak can help you meet that goal.

The best part is that despite its lower fat content than other cuts, New York strip remains tender with most cooking methods.

Low Calorie

With only 155 calories in three ounces of New York strip steak, you could effectively double your portion and still be under 300 calories. Even with a small side dish, this could keep you at around 600 calories for a meal.

Surprisingly, a 3-ounce portion of New York strip steak contains roughly the same number of calories as a 3-ounce portion of chicken breast. So, if calories are your main concern, you don't have to worry about how many you're consuming with New York strip.

Lots of Protein

Many types of meat provide a lot of protein in a small portion, and New York strip steak is no exception. In three ounces, this cut of beef contains 23 grams of protein, which is slightly less than a similar portion of chicken breast.

Protein is required for muscle building and repair, so it is essential for a well-balanced diet, regardless of whether you want to maintain, lose, or gain weight. Along with carbohydrates, it also fuels your energy, allowing you to avoid energy slumps throughout the day.

No Carbs

One of the benefits of a tasty steak, such as the New York strip, is that it is low in carbohydrates and thus fits well into a low-carb diet plan. If you're watching your blood sugar levels due to diabetes, insulin intolerance, or any other reason, the zero-carb New York strip won't cause a spike.

Good Source of Selenium

Adults require approximately 55 micrograms of selenium per day, according to the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. This nutrient can protect the body from cell damage, and research has linked it to thyroid and cardiovascular health benefits.

One serving of New York strip steak contains 21.3 micrograms of selenium, which is nearly half of what most adults require each day.


Are you keeping an eye on your cholesterol? If so, be aware that red meat, even if low in saturated fat, is known to raise "bad" cholesterol levels (LDL cholesterol) after consumption. If you eat New York strip steak on a regular basis, you may notice some elevated cholesterol levels.

Keeping your portions in check and balancing your diet with a healthy mix of other low-fat foods and plant-based proteins, on the other hand, can result in regulated cholesterol.

Final Thoughts

In terms of steaks, New York strip is typically a good choice for mindful eaters seeking a well-balanced diet. It has less fat than other steak cuts while still being low in carbs and providing an excellent mix of vitamins and nutrients.

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