How to cut frozen meat?

How to cut frozen meat?

If you have bought meat and have it in the freezer, but you only want to use a portion for cooking, you're probably wondering how to cut frozen meat. Is there a way to do it, and is it possible to cook frozen meat?

Can frozen meat be cooked?

Many people are in the habit of buying meat and freezing it, as this allows the meat to be preserved and be consumed at a later date. If you have done this, but do not need to use all the meat, just  a piece of it, you are probably wondering how to cut the frozen meat or if it is possible to thaw the meat and refreeze it immediately afterwards.

It is not recommended to thaw and then refreeze food in general. Anything you thaw should be cooked right away and stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

To get the most out of frozen meat, you can start by cutting it while frozen. There are different ways of slicing a block of frozen meat. Before proceeding to cut it, it is advisable to soften it with water. To do so, you will have to place the meat under running water and leave it there for a couple of minutes. But be careful, you should not use hot water, as this can contribute to the thawing of all the meat and you only want it to be a little soft so that you can cut it and reserve the rest.

What is the correct way to cut meat?

It is important to always cut meat properly. Any type of meat should always be sectioned following the muscle fiber of the meat; to do so, you should make cuts perpendicular to these fibers.

Cutting the meat in this way will allow the texture of the meat to be softer and more tender after cooking.  In addition, you will also reduce the cooking time considerably.

Methods for cutting frozen meat

Electric knife

One of your greatest allies, if you want to cut all types of frozen meats, as well as vegetables, is an electric knife. There are different models and each one works in a different way, but when it comes to cutting frozen meat, you just have to turn on the knife and press it against the frozen piece of meat.

An electric knife consists of two serrated blades connected to a motor. These serrated blades slide in opposite directions when the knife is in motion; that is, if one blade moves forward, the other blade moves backward.

Traditional knife

Another technique for cutting frozen meat allows the use of a traditional kitchen knife. But the knife you choose must be very resistant and have a serrated saw. Thanks to the saw, cutting will be much easier. It is important that before making any cuts, you check that the knife has enough edge, otherwise the cuts may be uneven.

To be able to cut frozen meat with a traditional knife, it is important to soften the meat beforehand under running water. Finally, bear in mind that this type of knife is not suitable for frozen meat with bone or very thick pieces. Use it when you want to cut chicken breast, or steak, etc.

Butcher's saw

The last method for cutting frozen meat is to use a butcher's saw. This is a very effective method, but you must be careful with it. Be aware that the saw can slip, so it is advisable to wear a safety glove to protect your non-dominant hand (the one you use to hold the meat).

Butcher's saws are a good alternative if you want to cut thicker meats, as well as pieces that have bone. They are perfect for cutting frozen ribs and shoulders, among others.

Can frozen meat be cooked?

It is not at all advisable to place frozen meat directly on the fire. This is because the ice in frozen meat sublimates when under heat; that is to say, it passes directly from solid to gas. dConsequently, the meat can get dehydrated, dry or even burnt. 

In addition, if you do not defrost the meat beforehand, it loses all of its properties. When cooking frozen meat, not only does it lose its properties, but it also loses flavor, smell, color and texture.

Finally, all cuts of meat should be removed from the refrigerator two hours before cooking. This allows the meat to come to room temperature. When cooking meat that is cold, the outside may be done and crispy, but the inside may be rare and cold. Once you cut the frozen meat, leave it in the refrigerator, on a plate, so that it thaws gradually and does not become contaminated.

When the meat is completely thawed, remove it from the refrigerator a couple of hours before cooking.

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