How to Grill Boneless Beef Rib Steaks

This is a rather special dish for those special occasions, or as a surprise on a regular day. Ribeye steaks have a great deal of marbling, making them one of the best grilling steaks. A little larger than a filet, but in the same league as one of the best steaks on the market.

This steak is a variation of the popular "prime rib roast”, and you can remove some of the bothersome fat by cooking it like a steak. It's fantastic in so many ways.

What is Boneless Beef Rib Steak?

A ribeye steak is basically a slice of prime rib roast. It is available with ribs, or boneless. The bone-in variety is sometimes called a prime rib steak, but they are the same cut of meat. The deboned version is far more popular.

Some people seem to believe that the bone will add flavor, and will even inflate the price.

When it comes to ribeye, quality is everything. “Prime” beef is in the top 2% of beef in the United States, but most people are unwilling to pay the premium price tag for prime.

Don't get the terms "prime" and "prime rib" mixed up though. The term “prime” refers to a grade of meat, whereas “prime rib” refers to a cut of meat that can be of various grades.

“Choice” is the next step down. About half of the beef sold in the United States is “choice”, which is what you should buy, and is still excellent. If possible, look for a nicely marbled, well-trimmed piece.

Know Your Grill

We'll use direct heat here, with a grill surface temperature of around 450° to, but not exceeding 500°. On most grills, it should be at around 75%, but invest in a grill surface thermometer and get to know your grill.

Your endpoint is the desired internal temperature, or a little less. Do not cook only based on time.

The suggested surface grill temperature of 450°-500° takes marginally longer than maximum heat, but it is much more controllable for more delicate steaks like filet and ribeye. You can cook these at the highest setting on your grill and they will cook faster, and perfectly well, but you will have less room for mistakes.

It is very easy to overcook this expensive meat, so give yourself a little leeway by cooking it for a few minutes longer at a lower temp.

Remember, you could always cook it a little longer later, but you can't cook it less once it's done.

How to Grill Boneless Beef Rib Steaks

  • Make certain that your steak has been completely thawed.
  • Allow the meat to come to room temperature.
  • Season steaks to taste with salt, pepper, and your choice of herbs.
  • Preheat your gas grill to a high heat. Sear the steak on both sides for 1-2 minutes, then decrease to medium heat.
  • Grill the perfect medium-rare ribeye steak for 9-12 minutes for a 1-inch steak and 12-15 minutes for a 2-inch steak, turning once before the halfway point. A meat thermometer must then read 130 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Rest the steaks for up to 5 minutes at room temperature, lightly covered with foil. During this time, the temperature of the meat will continue to rise by about 5°F (this process is referred to as "carryover cooking"). The maximum temperature will be 135 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Resting your steak is really important because the heat of cooking draws the juices in the meat to the surface; if you slice into it right away, these flavorful juices will end up on the plate rather than in your steak. Letting your steak rest will allow the juices to return to the meat, retaining the moisture and flavor.

Remember to thaw your steaks completely. Sear for 1 - 2 minutes per side on high heat, then switch to indirect heat. 1 minute before the midpoint of the cooking time, turn them over. It's suggested to use a meat thermometer to ensure perfect doneness.

Final Thoughts

Grilled steak is the supreme ruler of backyard barbecue cooking, and boneless rib eye is one of the finest cuts of beef to use for the tastiest, most mouthwatering steaks off the grill.

Boneless rib eye is cut from the small end of a rib roast and has enough marbling to make it easier to grill than leaner cuts. In fact, grilling terrific boneless rib eye steak is a simple procedure so long as the grill is hot enough and the steak is allowed to rest after cooking.

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