How to make iberico de pluma BBQ

How to make iberico de pluma BBQ

Ibérico de pluma or Iberian feather is one of the most prized and select cuts of Iberian pork. This type of cut is characterized by having a soft, tender consistency and, in addition, it is a very juicy cut of meat. One way to prepare it is on the BBQ.

Why make the pluma on the BBQ?

It is a cut that has a very intense flavor and does not need any great elaborations to obtain a perfect dish that will delight all diners. One of these recipes is the Iberian pluma on the BBQ. The juices released by the grilled meat will make your mouth water!

When preparing pluma on the barbecue or grill, it is important to take into account a series of tips and tricks that will help the meat be exquisite. Take note!

  • The meat should be taken out of the refrigerator two hours before cooking so that it is at room temperature when it is placed on the coals. This allows the meat not to be cold inside once it is cooked.

  • The coals should be placed on the heat well in advance. The meat should never be placed when the coals are still red. It is important to wait for a few more minutes before placing it on the coals.

  • Before putting the meat on the fire, it is important to seal the cut  in a frying pan, with oil and a little salt. The feather should be seared for a couple of minutes on both sides.

  • The ibérico de pluma should be barbecued whole and not in fillets. This will allow you to better control the texture of the meat.

  • This is a recipe that takes time and, if you want quality results, you should leave the feather on the coals for as long as necessary (approximately 45 minutes).

  • A smoking process is recommended if you want the meat to have a typical American flavor.

  • Iberian prey is best done with indirect and low heat. When the embers lower their intensity, it is time to place the meat on the barbecue; this process allows the meat to be toasted on the outside, juicy on the inside and with a caramelized texture. In addition, the feather must be placed away from the direct heat source; in this way, the meat is cooked slowly.

Learn how to prepare Iberico de pluma a la BBQ

Ingredients for the meat

  • A whole Iberian feather.

  • Coarse salt.

  • Freshly ground black pepper.

  • Extra virgin olive oil.

  • Aromatic herbs.

Ingredients for the BBQ sauce

  • Two spring onions or one medium onion.

  • Two tablespoons of brown sugar.

  • Two tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce or Lea Perrins sauce.

  • One tablespoon of sweet paprika.

  • One tablespoon Dijon mustard.

  • Two tablespoons of honey.

  • Two tablespoons of ketchup.

  • 200 grams of tomato sauce (crushed tomato can be substituted).

  • One tablespoon of soy sauce.

  • Four tablespoons of vinegar.

  • Extra virgin olive oil.

  • Freshly ground black pepper.

  • Coarse salt.


  • When the meat is at room temperature, sear it in the pan with olive oil, salt and pepper. You should leave it for two minutes on each side.

  • Grease the barbecue grill with canola oil or cooking spray. Remember that each grill works differently, so take the manufacturer's recommendations.

  • When the grill is ready, lower the temperature and place the meat away from the heat source. If the source is in the center, then you should place the meat at the ends and vice versa.

  • Pour over it a drizzle of olive oil, as well as the juices and fats that were released when searing the meat.

  • Cover for 45 minutes.

  • Halfway through cooking, you should turn the feather over. Use tongs to do so.

Preparation of the BBQ sauce

  • The BBQ sauce will take approximately 20-25 minutes. Calculate the time well before starting to cook.

  • Peel and finely chop the spring onions or onions.

  • In the same pan in which you sealed the feather, add olive oil and bring it to medium heat.

  • When the oil is hot, but not burnt, add the spring onion and a pinch of coarse salt.

  • When the onion is poached, pour in the brown sugar and stir for a few minutes. The onion should be caramelized; to intensify its color, you can add balsamic vinegar, but this is only optional.

  • Pour in the tomato sauce and stir to incorporate it into the onion.

  • After a few minutes, add the rest of the ingredients and lower the heat.

  • You should let it cook for about five to seven minutes. Stir sporadically to prevent the sauce from sticking.

  • Rectify if necessary.

Add the BBQ Sauce to the Iberian pluma

  • When the sauce is ready and when the feather is about 15 minutes away from being ready, pour a little of the barbecue sauce over it. In this way, the meat will be impregnated with the BBQ flavor.

  • Once the meat is ready, it is time to smoke it. For the smoking process, remove the meat for a few moments and set it aside. Preferably, you should cover the meat with aluminum foil so that it does not lose heat. Also, if possible, preserve the juices released during cooking.

  • Use pellets or wet firewood for this process. Neither the pellets nor the firewood should catch fire. They should  only start to give off smoke. When this happens, place the meat back on the coals and leave it for a couple of minutes.

  • Remove and serve to the diners, accompanied by a small bowl of BBQ sauce to dip the Iberian feather fillets.

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