How to make Iberico Pork Secreto

Iberico Pork Secreto is a Spanish phrase meaning “Iberian secret pork”. It is the name of a certain cut of pork meat. Strange as it is, once you know the meaning of it you will realize that there is no better name. It all starts with looking at Iberian pork, which is usually cut from the pig’s belly.

People know pork belly cuts for being broad and thick. That is the meat cut from the upper layer of the pork’s belly. Most of the time, butchers cut into the pig and stop after reaching a layer of fat beneath the Iberian pork. Beneath that fat are the organs of the pig.

However, Iberico pork secreto is found between that layer of protective fat and the organs. This is an incredibly lean cut that is hard to get to. However, it is also perhaps the most tender meat one can find on a pig. Of course, with modern butchering it is easy to get to that tender meat.

So, how do you prepare it?

Preparing Iberico Pork Secreto

Iberico Pork Secreto can be prepared in the oven: 

  • First, preheat your oven to a temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This is hotter than you will cook most meat, but that is because slight cuts that are tender like this will cook very fast.
  • Next, apply salt and pepper to the meat.
  • After it has been seasoned to your satisfaction, place the meat on a piece of foil in a pan.
  • Put the pan into the oven on the center rack. It will take no more than five minutes for one side of the meat to cook, so don’t overdo it! After one side cooks, take out the meat and flip it.

Inberico pork secreto is thin, meaning that there is little difference between its surface temperature and its internal temperature. That means you can generally get a good idea of how done your meat is by looking at the outside of it. If it is crispy, it is probably done.

Of course, if you want to play it perfectly safe, you can use a thermometer. The ideal temperature you are going for is around 150 degrees Fahrenheit. You can probably get away with going up to 170 degrees without losing flavor, but do not go below 145 degrees or you could get sick.

How is Iberico Pork Secreto Seasoned?

You probably saw the vague mention of salt and pepper early on and thought, “Wait, that’s it? That’s the most college student level seasoning of all time.”

Yes, that is true. But that is the extent to which most people are capable of seasoning anything. If you want to get fancier or spicier, then there are other things you can do.

But first, the process: 

  • Seasoning tender meat like Iberico pork secreto has to be done by hand. This is because the seasoning cannot be a glaze or juice, since the meat of Iberico Secreto Pork is so lean and tough that it is unlikely to be able to bond with such juices.
  • Before you put it into the oven, put the pork in a mixing bowl or a salad bowl. Then, drop in your seasonings. They can be spices, vegetables, or anything else that can be worked into the meat itself. No liquids.
  • Lastly, move the meat around with your own two hands. Make sure to get the seasoning over as much of the pork as you can. This is the only way to make sure the flavor survives the heat.

Here are a few different flavors you can achieve with Iberico secreto pork:


You can achieve spicy Iberico secreto pork by mixing in curry powder, jalapeno powder, or habanero powder. Only spices this strong will survive the heat it is cooked under.


If you like a sweeter meat, then mix in tomato powder or stevia.


Since you cannot glaze the meat with barbeque sauce like most pork, the best way to season it to be savory is with marjoram and thyme. Just be sure to work them in there hard.

Can Iberico Secreto Pork be Made on the Grill?

Yes, you can make Iberico secreto pork on the grill. In fact, that is the way it is most commonly made. But most people do not have the time, space, or tools to grill, so it is recommended you use an oven.

How is Iberico Secreto Pork Grilled?

Get your grill to a high heat, just like with your oven, and lay your Iberico secreto pork on the grill itself with no pan. Turn it frequently, as thin meats such as this are likely to burn quickly.

This makes it far easier to observe when the outside of the pork is cooked to the right texture. Remember to keep it moving to avoid overcooking one side while cooking it all the way through.

You can even apply the seasonings mentioned before while grilling it.

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