The Abanico Ibérico Pork

The sirloin and the secreto are not the only premium and gourmet cuts of iberian pork. One of the most unknown cuts of this animal is the abanico iberian.

What is the Abanico Ibérico pork?

This cut is a delicacy for the most select palates. It contains the perfect mixture of fat and fibres. Thanks to this, after cooking, the meat will taste juicy, very crispy and intensely flavoured. It is meat with large amounts of infiltrated fat, making it very juicy.

It looks like an abanico if you hold it in your hands, hence the curious name. It is a cut that is easy and uncomplicated to prepare, just like the secreto ibérico. You must add little salt flakes and oil and put it on the grill or in a frying pan to make it a delicacy.

It has a dark red hue, distinguishing it from other parts of the iberian pig, which are white or pink. Each piece of iberian abanico weighs approximately 200 grams and looks much like a steak, so one abanico ibérico pork will be enough for each person!

The benefits of eating Abanico Ibérico pork

Like the other cuts of iberian pork, the abanico has great health benefits for humans. Iberian pigs grow freely in the pastures and feed on grass and acorns. Thanks to their physical activity and type of food, iberian pork is much healthier and tastier than that of pigs raised in captivity and on farms.

Abanico meat has muscle fibres with fatty streaks that provide juiciness if the meat is cooked correctly. These qualities are very good for the human body. Iberian meat contributes to proper circulation, but the fats also increase the levels of good cholesterol in the body (HDL) while reducing bad cholesterol or LDL.

On the other hand, this cut has a high protein content that favours muscle development and prevents certain muscular pains. Iberian pork is surprisingly low in fat; it all depends on the part of the pig consumed, but it varies between 3 and 10%.

In addition, iberian pork provides potassium, vitamins and other minerals that keep the body balanced, as long as you follow a healthy and balanced diet. Include iberian pork in your diet! You will not regret it!

How to prepare the Abanico Ibérico pork?

It is a piece extracted from the outside of the pig's ribs, which is why its shape is so peculiar and has no defined form. It is a thin cut! Thanks to this, it maintains the ideal balance between fibre and fat.

The best way to prepare the abanico is by grilling it. If you have time to spare, you can prepare an elaborate recipe to go with it, such as goat cheese sauce or any other sauce you like. The flavour of the meat is so intense that it goes well with anything!

The meat releases its fats during cooking, so do not clean it before cooking! This will only make the abanico lose juiciness and flavour.

No matter what recipe you choose, remember that all cuts should be left out of the fridge at room temperature. This keeps the meat from being cold on the inside during cooking and allows it to release all its natural juices.

Barbecue for a crispy texture

The grill or frying pan is the easiest way to prepare the abanico ibérico pork. But if you grill or barbecue it, you will enhance all its flavour, and the meat will be very crispy. All you need is a grill, the meat and spices to accompany it, and a drizzle of oil. To prepare it, season the meat well with the spices of your choice; in this case, less is more, so salt flakes, pepper and some aromatic herbs will be enough.

Brush the meat with a bit of oil on both sides with a kitchen brush, so it does not stick, then cook it on the barbecue or grill, and it will be ready in just a few minutes! Do not forget to turn the meat over and keep the juices inside; you need to use tongs - never prick the meat with a fork!

Finally, serve with your favourite garnish. The abanico has such a powerful flavour that it goes well with everything. From traditional rice dishes to risottos and rice stews. The abancio also goes well with roasted vegetables, fried or baked potatoes, and even with guacamole and in the form of fajitas.

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