The best parts of the pig

The best parts of the pig

In Spain, a variety of pork has an unbeatable flavor, texture, and consistency. This is the Iberian pig. The specimens of this breed also provide significant health benefits, as their meat is rich in vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. And what are the best parts of the Iberian pig?

Discover the best parts of the Iberian pig.

They grow in a state of semi-freedom in the pastures of Spain and Portugal; they feed on acorns, and the result is that their meat is a delicatessen. It has an incomparable texture and exquisite flavor. It is the Iberian breed of pig, native to the region.

These pigs have not only delicious meat but also many nutrients for humans. It is false to say that pork is not suitable for health because Iberian pork has many properties and goodness, but nothing in excess.

In addition, the finest cuts of Iberian pork, which are of premium quality, are very easy to cook and are so versatile that you can accompany them with anything. On the other hand, if you are in a hurry, an excellent Iberian pork fillet or lizard, a couple of minutes in the pan or grill, and you will have a delicacy to surprise all your guests.

You can prepare Iberian pork in more elaborate and complex recipes, but which is the best cut? You should know that Iberian pork can no longer be found only in the best restaurants, but you can also buy it at the supermarket or butcher's and prepare a delicious delicacy at home.

Iberian pork loin

One pork cut par excellence is the loin, but if it is Iberian, the better. The loin is usually prepared in the oven or on a charcoal grill. It is a very lean cut of meat, so it tends to dry out.

Although the flavor of the Iberian loin is delicious, it is advisable to prepare it stuffed with other ingredients such as ham, bacon, egg, vegetables, cheese, and any ingredient you can think of. In addition, to prevent it from drying out, it is best to cook it at a low temperature and for long periods, adding liquids such as meat broth or wine.

The loin is obtained from the spine or backbone.

Iberian prey: A delicacy!

The prey forms part of the head of the loin and has a considerable amount of infiltrated fat that gives the meat a marbled appearance. Iberian prey can be prepared, grilled, or broiled. Still, its meat is so exquisite that it is even possible to eat it in tartar, as long as the necessary sanitary recommendations for treating it are followed.

If you prepare it on the grill, place it away from the heat source.

Pluma, a most select cut

The Iberian feather is similar to the prey but is triangular and elongated. It is the most selected because only one feather weighing less than 200 grams can be extracted from each animal. The feather has the perfect balance between fat and lean and, like the prey, is removed from an area close to the back.

It can also be eaten in tartar!

Sirloin steak, the most popular

One of the best-known parts of Iberian pork is the sirloin. It is obtained from the inner part of the loin and is also elongated in shape. The sirloin is a little less juicy than the prey or the feather because it has very little fat; this makes it perfect for consumption if you are taking care of your health or want to maintain your figure.

It does not require a long cooking time: grill it, and you will have a delicacy. You can accompany it with goat cheese, caramelized onion, and a red fruit sauce; eat it alone in small fillets or on toast.

The best-kept secret of Iberian ham

The Iberian secret, also called "secreto ibérico," is a cut that looks like a fan. It is extracted from the anterior dorsal area of the animal's back and has such a thin appearance that it goes unnoticed; that is why it is called a "secreto," and that is where it gets its name.

It is the fattiest cut of Iberian pork, which makes it the juiciest. It is cooked on the griddle or grill and needs just a couple of minutes on both sides to be ready.

Iberian lizard

An unknown cut is the Iberian lizard, extracted from the spine, but has an elongated shape, like a strip. The Iberian lizard weighs very little and has a reasonably thin thickness, making it easy to grill or griddle in minutes. We promise your guests will be fascinated if you accompany it with homemade chestnut sauce.

Iberian pork ribs: the favorite for the BBQ

One of the cuts that triumph wherever they are served is the ribs or Iberian ribs. You can offer them without anything, as it is usually done in Galicia, and it is called churrasco; but you can also prepare them with an elaborate barbecue sauce.

You don't need a grill to make the best BBQ ribs; it is possible to prepare them in the oven! You'll know they're ready when the meat separates easily from the bone. Make a delicious homemade BBQ sauce - your guests will love it!

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