What Is Iberico Pluma?

If you’ve recently been looking for new meat recipes online, you may have come across Iberico Pluma and you might be wondering what it is and how to cook it! Some people even run across the Iberico Pluma for the first time when they are at a butcher. While the butcher can tell you all about this cut of meat, you might still be wondering how to cook it, or what to pair it with. 

All About Iberico Pluma

Iberico Pluma is taken from the neck end of the pork loin, making it extremely lightweight, with a wing shape. Pluma in Spanish means feather and it describes this cut of meat perfectly. It usually comes from special Iberian Black Pigs that are found on the Iberian Peninsula. If you have traveled to Spain and had their famous thinly sliced ham, the Iberico Pluma comes from the same pigs. 

Pluma is considered to be the rarest cut of Iberian pork, making it expensive and delicate. When you find it at the butcher, it’s almost always from a free-range and hormone-free pig. 

Iberico Pluma definitely needs to be cooked well for it to be enjoyed. Since the meat is expensive, you might be wondering how to cook it, and what to pair it with to make sure your money is well-spent. 

Let’s dive into some great recipes to make your Iberico Pluma amazing! 

Marinated Pluma Steak 

If you want to make your Iberico steak traditional, like what you might find if you visited the Iberian peninsula, definitely try out this recipe. You don’t need any ingredients that are too special and the recipe is simple, so even if you are new to pluma steak, you can make this recipe right in the comfort of your own kitchen!

Ingredients for the marinade:

  • ¾ cup olive oil 
  • A few pieces of fresh basil
  • 2 garlic cloves 
  • 2 shallot cloves 
  • Salt and pepper to taste.

Ingredients you need for preparing the meat:

  • 2 pounds of Iberico pluma 
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil 
  • 6 small pinches of salt 
  • 6 small pinches or pimento with paprika 

How to make the marinade:

Here are the super simple steps to make the marinade:

  1. Cut and chop the shallots into thin pieces. 
  2. Cut the basil leaves as small as you can. 
  3. Mix the ingredients on a plate and let it sit for 20 minutes. 
  4. Cut the meat into pieces, about 6 pieces if you are using 2 pounds. 
  5. Put the meat into the marinade and let it sit for 15 minutes. 

How to cook the Iberico Pork 

  1. Salt each piece of the meat after dipping it into the marinade. 
  2. Warm a large pan on the stove and pour some olive oil into the pan. 
  3. Sear each side of the meat for about 3 minutes. 
  4. Put them onto a plate and season them with the pimento paprika. 
  5. Put the meat into the oven at 425 degrees Fahrenheit for 4 to 6 minutes. 

Now you have the meat and the marinade, you might be wondering what to pair it with or what to serve it with. Iberico Pluma pairs well with many different vegetables, especially starchy ones like potatoes. 

To make the dish even more traditionally Spanish, consider making these amazing patatas bravas.

Ingredients for patatas bravas:

  • 1 pound of potatoes 
  • 3 tomatoes 
  • ½ cup of olive oil 
  • 6 small pinches of salt 
  • 3 teaspoons of red tobacco
  • 6 pinches of the pimento paprika (same as the one used for the meat)
  • 1 garlic clove.

How to make the patatas bravas:

  1. Peel and wash all the potatoes and cut them into cubes. Make sure to rinse them thoroughly to get all the dirt off. 
  2. Strain and dry the potatoes.
  3. Shred garlic cloves and remove the center. 
  4. Pour 3 tablespoons of olive oil into a pan. 
  5. Saute the potatoes for about 15 minutes in olive oil. They should be a golden brown color. 
  6. Add the garlic and pimento as soon as the potatoes are cooked. 
  7. Peel the tomatoes and cut them into 4 pieces. Remove the seeds. 
  8. Dice the tomatoes and place them in a bowl. Add the 1/2 cup of olive oil, the rest of the pimento, the salt, the pepper, the tomatoes, and the tabasco. 
  9. Mix well and let sit for a few minutes. 

Now you have a great side dish to go along with the marinated meat!

Final Thoughts 

We hope you learned everything you need to know about the Iberico Pluma and where it comes from. This delicate piece of meat can be served at your next house party, or you can make it as a special treat for the family!

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