What is Iberico Pork and Should you Try It or Not

If you have had Iberico Pork, you know how special it is. It has a very distinct flavor and is much more tender than other cuts of meat. Since it is of such high quality, you also need to know that the price is high as well. The marble pattern gives it its juiciness and just the right amount of grease giving you a lightweight and perfect piece of meat. 

Despite its high price though, it’s still very popular and enjoyed by people all over the world. Iberico Pork comes from the special Black Iberico Pigs that are only found on the Iberian Peninsula in the Portuguese and Spanish countryside. 

What is Iberico Pork? 

Iberico Pork can be bought in a variety of cuts, some will be more expensive than others. If you buy Jamon Iberico, you might be confused by its beefy rather than pork-like appearance. Although it looks like beef, it comes from the Iberico pig. The flavor, though, is often described as being in between beef and pork. 

Iberico pigs are fed a special diet of acorns and other plant-based items found naturally in the forest. This special diet is what gives the meat its tender and sweet flavor. It also gives the meat the perfect amount of marbling and fat. The fat on the meat will melt right in your mouth once cooked. 

Where to Buy Iberico Pork 

Iberico Pork is hard to find in some countries or certain regions of the country depending on where you are from. The best place to buy Iberico Pork is directly from a butcher or meat market. You will not find it in supermarkets. 

Depending on where you live, you might be able to find it at a farmer’s market near you. In some cases, you will need to order it online. Make sure you are ordering from a reputable company and read their reviews before purchasing from them. 

Why is Iberico Pork So Expensive?

If you are on the hunt for Iberico Pork and have seen the price tags, you might be wondering what makes it so expensive. One of the reasons it is so expensive is because the pigs are only found in one region of the world. This means many countries have to import the meat, which makes for higher price tags. 

Iberico Pork is also expensive because of the diet the pigs are given and how they are raised. They are also fed for at least two seasons so the farmers have to take care of them and make sure they are well-fed for a long period of time. 

Iberico Pigs are built to thrive in this part of the world, while many other pigs cannot live well in the Iberian Peninsula. Their unique bodies give them a high-fat content which makes the meat tender and juicy when you cook it. 

The cut of the meat you buy will also affect the price. Iberico Pluma is often the most expensive because it’s found at the bottom of the loin and is one of the tenderest and juicy cuts. 

How is Iberico Pork Classified?

Each Iberico Pig is different and some are better fed than others. The ones that are fed purely acorns will be labeled as 100% Iberico. You might also hear them called pata negra because of their black hooves. This is considered the best of the best and will be more expensive than the other kinds. 

The second class of Iberico pork is called Jamon Iberico De Bellota. These pigs are also fed only acorns but they are a crossbreed of Iberico pigs and common pigs which means they cannot have the official Black Iberian Pig name. 

The third class of pigs are the ones that are fed acorns and grain. They might also be called green label pigs. White label black pigs are the lowest tier because they are not free-range and they are fed only grain. 

Depending on where you shop, you might be able to find all the different varieties, or just one. Always ask the market owner or the butcher what label the pigs have and where the meat came from. This will help you determine if the prices they are offering are fair or not. 

Final Thoughts 

Iberico Pork comes from the famous Iberian Black Pigs that are only found in Spain and Portugal. Their special diet and the fact that they can freely roam makes them one of the most expensive meats in the world. 

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