What is the best ibérico pluma cut?

The ibérico pluma is obtained from the pork loin. That is why it is a later cut and has a triangular shape. But be careful, the pluma is not the same as the presa, and neither can it be confused with the tip of the animal's back. The ibérico pluma is delicious and is also a cut that has gained popularity recently, this is because it was not for sale before.

How to prepare the ibérico pluma?

ibérico pluma is popularly known as "butcher's fillet". This is because, as the pluma was so delicious, butchers decided not to sell it. The same happened with the secret, which is believed to receive its name because the butchers kept this delicious cut of Iberian meat "secret".

ibérico pluma has many muscle fibers, which makes it a high source of protein, vitamins and minerals. Do not confuse the pluma with the presa, although they look alike. The pluma weighs barely 100 grams, while the presa weighs half a kilo. In addition, you should know that only two plumas can be extracted from each Iberian pig.

This cut is very tender, fine, delicate, juicy and has an exquisite flavor. It does not need very elaborate recipes to delight diners. It can be grilled, pan-fried or baked. Due to its characteristics, the pluma has the perfect balance between fat and lean meat, ideal for a balanced diet!

You should know that among the cuts of Iberian pork (secret, sirloin, loin, prey, lizard...), the pluma is the finest of all. No matter how you prepare it, remember that the meat should be tempered a couple of hours before cooking and salt should be added before cooking. This will make the results unique.

Tartar of ibérico pluma: A hit in the kitchen

The most common way to eat ibérico pluma is grilled, or even baked and then cut into strips and served with fried potatoes; it can also be served with tomato, red fruit or fig jams. But a very novel way to prepare the ibérico pluma is in tartar, that is to say, raw.

The ibérico pluma tartar will allow you to appreciate the incomparable texture and flavor of this cut of Iberian pork. But be careful, to be able to make a tartar, of this or any other meat, it is important to follow some sanitary recommendations. The meat, for example, should be frozen for three days prior to consumption. In general, Iberian pork meat follows strict sanitary controls, so consuming it raw will not be a problem; just watch out for cross-contamination of food and take extreme precautions in food handling.

The ibérico pluma tartar is very easy to make and also very fresh for the summer.


  • 100 grams of ibérico pluma .
  • A gherkin.
  • A shallot.
  • Dijon mustard.
  • Worcestershire sauce.
  • Two quail egg yolks.
  • Coarse salt.
  • Freshly ground black pepper.


  • Start some days before by buying the meat and freezing it for three days. If you buy the ibérico pluma already frozen, it will not be necessary to put it back in the freezer if you are going to consume it that same day; however, check the date on the meat packaging to make sure it has been frozen for long enough.
  • The meat should be thawed and left at room temperature before eating. It is advisable to thaw it, covered, inside the refrigerator. Place it inside a container so that the liquids that the meat releases when thawing fall into it.
  • When it is thawed, take it out of the refrigerator and start the preparation. As it is not a cut that you are going to cook, you do not have to wait long for it to reach the outside temperature. 15 minutes, while you prepare the dressing mixture will be enough.
  • When the meat is thawed and lukewarm, remove all the fat with the help of a sharp knife.
  • Chop the meat finely. Be careful, as all this preparation should be done about ten minutes before consumption.
  • Chop the gherkin and the shallot into very fine cubes or slices.
  • Pour all the ingredients in a bowl and stir so that they integrate.
  • When you have placed all the ingredients, add the ibérico pluma, already cut into very small pieces. Stir with the help of your hand so that the meat is impregnated with all the ingredients.
  • Set aside in the refrigerator for a few minutes. Cover the bowl.
  • For the assembly, take a handful of the meat and place it in a circular mold, more or less flat and small and once you have flattened the meat well inside this mold, place it, upside down, on a plate. The meat should come out of this container already compacted.
  • You can place the tartar directly on the plate or on a toast.
  • It is also possible to decorate to taste with the ingredients that you like and add a drizzle of Worcestershire sauce or olive oil.

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