What is the grilling time for flank steak?

Flank steak is a very popular cut of beef in Latin American cuisine. In Spain, more and more people and restaurants are adopting this delicious cut that, although it does not have a very tender texture, offers an unrivalled flavour.

What is flank steak?

Skirt steak can be either outside or inside and is a cut obtained from the animal's diaphragm. Flank steak instead comes as a whole piece that must be cut into steaks before cooking. In addition, it is characterised by a membrane covering which must be removed before grilling the flank steak.

Flank steak is large in size and several fillets can be grilled from a single portion, making it the undisputed king of grilling! It can be prepared in countless recipes, such as arrachera or fajitas and even with a delicious chimichurri sauce. It is also used to make Cornish pasties, which are very popular in the UK and Spain. 

Flank steak, however, has a tough texture. It is not tender unless it’s properly prepared. On the other hand, its flavour is very intense and can be enhanced by combining it with other ingredients.

For flank steak to be just right and to delight your guests, you need to know how to prepare it properly. The first thing to know is that flank steak must be cleaned thoroughly before cutting and cooking. As it is coated with a membrane, which, if not removed, makes the meat impossible to cut, it is very important to remove this layer. You can do it yourself with the help of a knife and pulling it off with your hands or you can ask the butcher to do it.

It is also advisable to marinate the meat for several hours so that it softens and soaks up the flavours of the marinade. Nowadays you can find many ideas for marinating this meat. Finally, the cooking temperature and grilling time of flank steak also play a very important role if you want to get the best results.

Know the grilling time of flank steak

Grilling the meat for the right amount of time will create an irresistible flavour, improve the texture of the meat and produce an outer crust that is characteristic of the best grills in the world. The first thing to do, if you want to achieve good results, is to sear the steak on the grill, over high heat, for a few minutes. 

But first of all, remember that the meat should marinate for as long as your recipe calls for. Don't skip any steps or try to save time. Experts recommend marinating from the night before or very early in the morning, leaving it to rest in the fridge and covering the marinade with clingfilm. Also, keep in mind that cutting the flank steak into steaks should be done before marinating.

Once the steak has been seared, it should be taken to the grill for grilling. The grill should be heated and oiled beforehand. Place the steak on the grill and cover, reducing the temperature as much as possible. And how long does it take to grill the flank steak? Well, it all depends on the thickness of the steaks. When you are filleting this cut, try to make sure that all the fillets are of the same thickness, so that the cooking time will be uniform.

A flank steak half an inch thick should be pre-broiled for two minutes on each side; those over half an inch will need four minutes. In addition, it is very important that they receive indirect heat once they have been placed on the grill.

Finally, many people choose to remove the layer of fat from this type of cut, as this will reduce the grilling time considerably. If you want the results to be delicious, then it is advisable to grill the meat very low and slow, and for several minutes. But how many minutes exactly?

Flank steak roast recipe


  • One kilo of flank steak, cleaned and filleted.
  • Coarse salt.
  • Freshly ground black pepper.
  • Dried oregano.


  • Clean the steaks and prepare a marinade to give the meat a different texture. You can prepare the marinade as you wish. The most common ingredients are olive oil and soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, lime or lemon. All the ingredients should be mixed together in a large bowl and the steaks placed in it. 
  • Leave to rest overnight or very early in the morning. The bowl should be covered with clingfilm.
  • Preheat the grill to a medium heat. 
  • Once marinated, the meat should be removed from the refrigerator and allowed to come to room temperature. This should be done two hours before cooking. 
  • Season the meat with salt and pepper and sprinkle with dried oregano.
  • Grease the grill with cooking spray or special oil.
  • Remember that the heat should be very low.
  • Place the meat on the fire and cover it.
  • Many people choose to grill flank steak whole, without fillets. In this case, the cooking time is one hour. After these 60 minutes, the meat is turned over, using tongs, and left to roast for a further 30 minutes. If you have cut the meat into fillets, the time can be halved.

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