How to cook Iberian prey correctly

How to cook Iberian prey correctly

The presa ibérica is one of the most unknown cuts of the Iberian pig, like the feather or the lizard. It is a very exclusive cut that weighs around 500-600 grams and is so versatile that it can be prepared in different ways. Learn how to cook presa ibérica in a delicious and easy way.

Characteristics of Iberian pork

Iberian pork has the characteristic of being a cut with the ideal balance of lean muscle  and fat. This makes it a very juicy cut, as well as low in calories. In the Iberian prey you will not only find less calories, but also high levels of proteins, monounsaturated acids (oleic acid); and a good share of the most diverse vitamins and minerals.

This makes it a perfect cut to add to your diet if you are taking care of your overall health or if you follow a very balanced diet. It also has marbled and intramuscular fat that makes it incredibly delicious, with a tender texture and a very intense flavor.

These properties are due to the fact that Iberian pigs grow in the pastures in semi-freedom and do a lot of exercise, so they develop their muscles and this is reflected in their meat. In addition, their diet, in the months prior to slaughter, is based on acorns. That is why their meat has such an intense and incomparable flavor.

The best ways to cook presa ibérica

You might be wondering how to correctly  cook Iberian prey? The prey is a cut that weighs from 500 to 600 grams, so it is quite exclusive and is in great demand among the most select palates. Due to its characteristics, it can be prepared in different ways. It all depends on how much time you have to get down to work, as each recipe requires different guidelines and degrees of cooking.

Grilled prey

One of the quickest ways to prepare Iberian pork is grilled. This is the way you will find it in most restaurants: it is easy to prepare and does not require much elaboration.

For the grilled prey you only need to cut the meat into fillets, of more or less the same thickness, add coarse salt flakes and place them on the grill or in a frying pan with oil. For this recipe to look like a restaurant recipe, it is advisable to use the griddle, previously coated with a little extra virgin olive oil. Once you have placed the meat, sprinkle the salt flakes on top and turn it over. You will have a delicious recipe in a couple of minutes!

Grilled Presa

Another way to prepare prey is to grill or barbecue it. This is an equally easy recipe but requires much more preparation time. In this case, the whole piece is placed on the barbecue, but before you place it on the grill you will need to seal it in a pan, with oil, salt and pepper, so that the cooking juices do not escape.

Once the meat has been sealed and the grill is hot, but the embers have lost their intensity, place the prey on the greased grill. You should place it away from the heat source, so that it cooks better; otherwise, the meat will be roasted on the outside and you may not reach the cooking point on the inside.

For this recipe, you will need between 40 and 45 minutes on low heat, and don't forget to cover the grill!

Baked Presa

Presa can also be baked whole in the oven. In this case, you can place it on the grill (don't forget to put a tray underneath to catch the cooking juices); or place it directly on the tray or in a baking dish.

You can simply grill it, with a pinch of salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil; or prepare it with baked potatoes or other vegetables. You could also add sherry wine or any other wine of your preference on top. The flavor will be very different!

Dare with raw meat

One of the most innovative preparations of Iberian pork is raw. These recipes are not for all tastes and palates, but the texture will be so tender and soft that more than one will love it.

Iberian meat follows strict quality controls, so it is suitable for uncooked consumption. However, you should freeze it three days before consumption and thaw it gradually in order to avoid cross-contamination.

For carpaccio, you should cut the meat finely, as if it were ham; for the tartar recipe, mix the Iberian prey, cut into small cubes, with the ingredients of your choice and season with olive oil, soy sauce, Worcestershire or Perrins. Mix with your favorite ingredients. Beets or avocado are a great alternative.

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