How to prepare the ideal pluma steak?

Pluma steak is one of the most exquisite cuts of Iberian pork. The pluma is a cut of pork weighing approximately 100 grams. It can be prepared using many recipes, but the simpler the better, as it does not need much seasoning.

What is fillet of pluma?

This prime cut of pork stands out by having a very fine texture, as well as an intense flavour. It offers the perfect balance between fat and lean meat. You may be surprised to discover that, among all the many cuts of Iberian pork, this is often considered the finest. It has a triangular shape and, because it is extracted from a space next to the loin, its texture is sublime. 

The pluma steak does not need much effort to prepare it. It is enough, like the secreto, to turn it once in the frying pan or grill for a few minutes to make it delicious. Therefore, the simpler the preparation, the better. Bear in mind that Iberian pork has, in itself, a very strong flavour.

Handy tips for preparing fillet steak

Thanks to this balance of fat and lean meat, pluma steak does not spoil easily, although it can be overcooked if the cook is inexperienced. While fillet steak is quick to prepare, keep these tips in mind, as they can make all the difference.

Choosing the meat

If you go to the supermarket or butcher, remember to ask for Iberian pluma. Understand that the flavour of this breed of pig is unique and has many fantastic health benefits. You will know it is Iberian by the reddish colour of the meat. Other types of pork are characterised by pale meat.

Leave at room temperature

All meat, irrespective of the type, should be removed from the refrigerator at least two hours before cooking. This is known as "tempering", and means bringing the meat to room temperature. If the meat is taken straight from the fridge and cooked, the inside will still be cold, and possibly even raw. 

Remember, less is more

Fillet of pluma, like the secreto itself, doesn't require elaborate recipes - the meat does it all for you! All you need to do is sprinkle on a few flakes of salt, preferably before cooking, and grill the meat with a little oil for a few minutes. 

Handling the meat

Finally, remember that fillet steak and other cuts of Iberian pork or beef should never be pierced with a fork to turn them over. If the meat is pierced, it may lose its cooking juices. To turn the meat, always use kitchen tongs or even a spatula in the case of fillet steak and secreto, which are very thin cuts.

Cooking Iberian pluma steak

The best way to prepare this cut is by grilling or broiling. Bear in mind that you only need to leave it on each side for around three minutes. However, the heat should be medium to optimise the results, ensuring the meat will have a unique flavour and aroma and an unbeatable texture. This quick cooking time is due to the level of infiltrated fat in the meat.

It is also possible to prepare the pluma in the oven. In this case, preheat the oven to 200 ºC and place all the ingredients for the garnish directly on the oven tray. Here you can add potatoes, onions or other vegetables of your choice. On top of the garnish place the pluma steak previously seasoned with salt and pepper. The cooking time is 12 minutes.

Finally, if you want to grill the pluma you will need to make oblique and horizontal cuts on the meat. Once the pluma steak has been seasoned with salt and pepper, you can place it on the grill, previously greased with cooking oil. The meat is grilled immediately because of the amount of infiltrated fat.

Grilled fillet of pluma steak recipe


  • Iberian pluma steak.
  • Salt and ground black pepper.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.


  • Once the meat has been removed from the fridge, season the cut to taste with salt and pepper. Use coarse salt flakes.
  • Heat a little oil in a frying pan over a high heat.
  • When the oil is hot, though not burning, lower the heat and place the pluma in the pan.
  • Leave on each side for two or three minutes, depending on how well cooked you like your meat.
  • Remove from the heat and serve.

You can accompany this recipe with any number of garnishes. French fries are the most commonly served option in restaurants, but you can also use boiled potatoes or mashed potatoes. A wide variety of salads, rice dishes and vegetable stews can also be considered as a great complement to fillet of pluma.

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