The secrets of the Ibérico Secreto

Do you like ibérico secreto? ibérico secreto is one of the most loved cuts in the Spanish kitchen for its consistency and juiciness. Preparing a good ibérico secreto is an art! However, it is not very complicated; you must learn about this delicious iberian pork cut.

What are the secrets of the Ibérico Secreto?

Before getting down to work with a cut of ibérico iecreto, you should know all about this delicious piece of meat, a treasure of Spanish gastronomy. It is one of the favourite cuts in restaurants and kitchens, and it is quite simple to make as delicious as it is! You must follow a series of tips to make the secreto as it is in the best restaurants.

The ibérico secreto is extracted from the upper part of the flank, between the bacon and the shoulder. It is one of the most coveted cuts of pork, as only two pieces can be removed from each animal. It is fan-shaped and one of the best cuts because it perfectly balances the lean part and the infiltrated fat. This makes the texture of the secreto very silky and marbled.

The simpler the better

The ibérico secreto should be taken out of the refrigerator a few hours before cooking. By doing this, the inside of the meat is not cold. This causes the secreto to lose juices during cooking. On the other hand, if the cut is vacuum-packed, it is essential to let it breathe by removing the packaging. And do not forget to dry the iberian secreto!

When preparing it, you do not need elaborate recipes, as the secreto is cooked in the same way; grilled and adding a little flaky salt on top. Whether you use a skillet, a grill or a frying pan, the secreto is straightforward to make. As a tip, add a little oil on top to enhance the meat's juices.

Knowing how to cook iberian cured pork

It is said that cooking ibérico secreto is very easy. Still, it is also an art - especially when it comes to finding the proper doneness and positioning of the piece when cooking. The first thing to do is to cook it on the fatty side without adding salt, as the salt absorbs the juices released by the meat.

You should cook it at two different temperatures. First, place it in the frying pan or skillet over high heat. Once the surface is very hot, place the secreto on the heat and reduce the temperature by half. The cooking time will be two to three minutes. When to turn the piece over? When it starts to brown on the side, use tongs, never a fork, and turn the piece over. It should be crispy on the outside but soft on the inside!

Cutting the Ibérico Secreto

The secreto can be cooked easily in steaks, but it is best to do this by placing the whole piece on the skillet or in the frying pan. Once it is ready, it is time to cut it, and there is a trick to this too. The first thing to do is to give it a final touch by adding little salt flakes or some herbs such as rosemary, thyme or parsley; then, look closely at the marbling of the meat and follow the direction of the marbling. The cut should be made perpendicular to the striations of the meat. By doing this, one prevents the meat from losing its juices.

Dare to try different recipes!

Cooking the meat is not very easy, as all you have to do is grill it, and it is ready. However, the ibérico secreto can be prepared in infinite ways to enhance its exquisite flavour. You can prepare many sauces to accompany it; Pedro Ximénez reduction, blue cheese, cheese, mushroom, boletus, honey, etc. It also goes well with caramelised onion and goat's cheese in the form of toasts.

Another way to prepare the secreto is in the oven. This takes longer, as cooking meat in the oven is much slower and tastier. Cover the meat with aluminium foil to bake in the oven, which retains the heat.

As for the accompaniments, chips are the most common in restaurants. However, you can try other side dishes such as mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, salads, guacamole, rice and even piquillo peppers.

Choose a good Secreto

Finally, if you want to become an expert in preparing ibérico secreto and its many recipes, it is advisable to know how to buy the meat. Remember that the term "iberian" is like a designation of origin for the meat, so the secreto can only be iberian; anything else is not. When choosing meat, take care to check the meat's origin, as the meat's flavour and tenderness lie in the animal's fat. Only acorn-fed pigs can have this juiciness.

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