Tips and Tricks for Making Iberico Pork

Iberico Pork is a very special type of meat which only comes from black Iberian pigs, only found in Spain and Portugal. Iberico Pork is highly sought after because of its tender and delicious meat. Since Iberico pigs are fed a very specific all-natural diet, they have a high-fat content which gives the Iberico meat a fatty, rich texture.

If you are ordering or buying Iberico Pork, you need to make sure you are cooking it correctly. Because of the expensive price and the fact that the meat is hard to find, you will need to make sure you know all the tips and tricks to ensure the meat is prepared properly.

What is So Special about Iberico Pork?

If you have seen the price tag on Iberico Pork, you might be wondering what makes it so expensive:

  • It’s very rare, so most online sellers have to import it and pay taxes.
  • Iberian Black Pigs have also been bred in the wild for over 12,000 years and have been a delicacy ever since.
  • Iberian pigs are fed a diet entirely of acorns and other naturally occurring foods. This kind of food is much more expensive and harder to find than regular pig feeds.
  • The unique acorn-based diet gives the meat from Iberian Pigs an exquisite, nutty flavor. Along with the special nutty flavor, there is also a delicate richness that you can’t find in other types of meat.
  • The flavor and succulence found in Iberico Pork cannot be found in any other type of meat anywhere in the world!

Iberico Pork Breeding

The diet is not the only thing that makes Iberico Pork taste so special. Breeding is also a big factor when it comes to making the meat what it is.

Along with diet and proper breeding procedures, the pigs also have a special environment. They are allowed to roam freely and have access to nature, unlike many domesticated pigs that are bred on farms.

When it’s not acorn season, the pigs will eat things from the wild such as mushrooms, herbs, and bugs.

Acorns are the favorite food of the pigs, so they will generally eat more acorns than other things found in the wild. During acorn feeding season, the pigs will eat enough to raise their fat content, which will make your pork much better to eat and prepare.

Cuts of Iberico Pork

You might be wondering what kind of cuts of Iberico Pork you can find and buy, as you might have a preference for some pork cuts.

The exact cut you will be able to find depends on the butcher or market in your area. If you are ordering online, you might only be able to find a specific cut, or they may sell packages that cost a little more where you can get different kinds of cuts.

Usually, you can find pork belly, shoulder loin, shoulder steaks, ribs, pork racks, or tenderloin. Many different cuts look like beef, but of course, they’re pork.

How do I Cook Iberico Pork?

Iberico Pork can be cooked in many of the same ways that you would cook regular pork. You can grill it, roast it, bake it, or pan-fry it. It all depends on how you prefer your pork and how much time you have to prepare it.

You will get a different result though with Iberico Pork because the product is much richer and more succulent than regular pork.

Importing Pork from Spain

If you have recently traveled from Spain, you might be wondering if you can bring Iberian Pork home with you, as it’s cheaper than trying to find it and buy it in the US. Unfortunately, you can’t bring Iberico Pork with you from Spain on an airplane or through immigration. If you are looking for Iberico pork in the United States, you will need to buy it from a US facility that is licensed to import meat from Spain. You can buy Iberico pork from many online facilities that are licensed to import it into the US. It’s recommended you don’t try to sneak meat into the US, as you can face heavy fines if you are caught.

Final Thoughts

Iberico pork is from special Iberian black pigs that are only found in Portugal and Spain. They have a special acorn diet, and they are allowed to roam freely, which is very different from domestic pigs found in the US and other countries.

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