Lomo Alto and Chestnuts with Chimichurri

Ribeye is one of the most popular cuts of beef, with good reason. It's super tender, juicy and easy to cook. It comes from the cow's upper rib area (Lomo Alto) and it is super fatty. Why go to a restaurant when you can make this simple and delicious recipe right from home?


  • 300gr Lomo Alto steak (Ribeye)
  • 150gr Cooked chestnut
  • 500gr Beef bone stock
  • 100gr Mushrooms
  • 250gr Sweet potato
  • 20gr Argentinian chimichurri
  • Extra virgin olive oil


  1. Heat a pan with the beef bone stock and reduce it to half, then add the chestnuts for 25 min until they are tender and have absorbed a lot of the liquid.
  2. Wrap the sweet potato in aluminum foil and put it in the oven for 80 min at 180° C until it is very creamy.
  3. Season the mushrooms with extra virgin olive oil and set aside
  4. Sear the loin in a hot iron skillet for 5 minutes on each side
  5. Cut the steak in thin pieces
  6. To serve, place the steak pieces on a plate and add the chestnuts on top and around the steak
  7. Place the mushrooms on top and the sweet potato on a side
  8. Pour the chimichurri over the steak, chestnuts and sweet potato

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