How do you make Entrañas?

The meaning of “entrañas” can be imprecisely translated as “skirt steak”. But more precisely, the word means “bowels” due to where on the cow the meat is cut from. This makes them thin, tender cuts of meat that are perfect in small cutlets to be placed in salads, tacos, or tortillas.

That all sounds very tempting, but it probably leaves you wondering: How do you make these things? Well, it is not actually that difficult. It will probably take you less than twenty minutes. 

The Basic Method

The most common way to make entrañas is on the grill. In that case, you are probably going to come prepared with a thermometer and a lot of time. But what if you do not have a grill?

In that case you are going to want to do what most people do: Cook them in the oven. In that case you are going to want to preheat your oven to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. This is going to seem a little high, but generally speaking these cuts of meat should be prepared hot.

The next step is placing the cuts on a sheet of foil in a pan. You can put a top layer of foil on them as well. This is actually recommended if you are cooking a lot of entrañas at once.

Cook your entrañas for no more than seven minutes. Then, take them out and flip them, putting them back for another five minutes afterwards. This ensures that they are cooked through.

This is also where covering both sides in foil comes in handy. It makes sure that if you do not want to flip each entraña individually, you can instead flip the whole bundle of foil. This makes sense if you are cooking large quantities of it as it would be hard to flip them all individually.

What Goes Well With Entrañas?

Entrañas serve as an excellent protein centerpiece to a meal. They are easy to make, extremely tasty, and highly receptive to seasoning both before and after cooking. But they are not a meal unto themselves. There are three macronutrients you should have with a big meal.

  • Lipids (also known as fats)
  • Proteins
  • Carbohydrates

Most of the time, meat covers both proteins and lipids due to being high in fat. But because entrañas are such a lean cut of steak, you do not get any fat out of it. This is highly preferable for some people, but remember that fats in your food and on your body can be important.

Carbohydrates are an interesting macronutrient, as you actually consume them all the time. Anything that is high in sugar will supply carbohydrates, as sugar breaks down into carbohydrates in your body. However, it also breaks down into other chemicals that are not at all good for your body.

So, what goes well with entrañas?

Great Sides with Entrañas


For extra protein, you can serve entrañas with thicker cuts of steak. They go well on tacos when mixed with ground beef.


Speaking of tacos, taco shells are carbohydrates, and entrañas are generally made for tacos anyways.


There are three excellent ways to get lipids mixed in with your entrañas: Rice, tortillas, and cheese. Rice and tortillas have the bonus of doubling as carbohydrates.


Can Entrañas be Seasoned?

Seasoning entrañas is slightly harder than seasoning most other meats. The primary reason is that entrañas are made at such a high temperature that most seasoning will be vaporized by the time the entrañas are done. There are ways around this though.

The main method of seasoning entrañas, to make sure that the seasoning survives, is by applying the seasoning while you flip them. Just be sure to apply it to both sides. The best way to do this is to take them out of the oven, season the cooked side, and then flip them and apply it to that side. This will also work better when you put a layer of foil over them, as it means that any vaporized seasoning will linger around the meat for a big longer.

What are the Best Entrañas Seasonings?

Some purists will stand by the idea of seasoning entrañas as little as possible. That means adding no more than a dash of sea salt and pepper after taking them out of the oven. 

But if you want to get more adventurous than that, try this: While the oven is preheating, mix either milk or heavy cream with taco sauce. You just need the milk for texture, so only use a little bit of it. Then, apply this as a glaze over the entrañas while you are flipping them.

The best way to do this is to use a butter brush. The thickness of the milk and the stickiness of the taco sauce will combine to make something that clings to the entrañas. It will also make sure that it does not evaporate easily, ensuring it keeps its flavor after it comes out of the oven.

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