The Best Way to Cook Iberico Pork Pluma Steak

The meat quality of the Iberico pig is widely renowned. Pork from Iberico is usually beautifully marbled and flavorful. The Pluma tastes best when it's grilled quickly and hot.

The Iberian peninsula, which includes Spain and Portugal, is referred to as Iberico. The pig's unique hooves are the most conspicuous feature. There are three grades of Iberico beef to select from when purchasing. It has a lot to do with the pigs' nutrition. Bellota is the Spanish word for acorn, and Bellota pigs eat the most acorns. The flavor of Iberico pig is rich and fatty, which many people enjoy.

There are three distinct cuts of Iberico pork: Secreto, Pluma, and Presa. All pigs have them, but the cuts aren’t usually available outside of the Iberian peninsula.

The Iberico pork pluma is a cut from the front of the loin, just above the shoulder blade. The rhomboideus is the name of the muscle, and each animal has two of them, one on each side. The word ‘pluma’ refers to a feather. It is formed like a diamond, as its Latin name suggests. It's rather thin, less than an inch thick, and it's best fried over a high heat.

How To Cook Iberico Pork Pluma Steak

Prepare the grill for a high-heat operation. Aim for a temperature of 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

While the fire is heating up, begin patting the Iberico Pork Pluma Steak dry. Sprinkle a mixture of two parts flour and one part salt on top of the meat to give it a crispier texture.

Each side of the pluma should be grilled for approximately three minutes each. The surface will begin to brown, which is a good thing.

Remove the meat from the pan and let it aside to rest for a few minutes. Serve the Pluma sliced.

Different Types Of Pork Cuts


This cut may be cooked in any way you want as long as it's done quickly. Due to the minimal fat content, it is great when cooked simply on the grill.


The easiest method to appreciate its flavor is to rapidly sear it on all sides in a frying pan. It also holds up better in stews than other cuts since it can be prepared for an extended amount of time.


This is the fattiest component of the pig. It's best to cook it on a griddle because it's the type of cut that doesn't require much else to remain soft and juicy.

How To Serve Iberico Pork Pluma Steak 

Iberico pork has such a unique flavor that it's a meal in and of itself. There aren't many basic Iberico pork recipes out there, save from a basic salt and pepper seasoning, perhaps with a small splash of lemon as well, these simple preparations honor the meat's natural excellent flavor and quality.

Cooking an Iberico Pluma steak is similar to cooking a normal pork steak. Please remember, though, that high-quality pork should be cooked simply. You don't want to overdo it with sauces and spices that will overshadow it.

Pair With Veggies: This is the most straightforward method to eat Iberian pig. Simply add some lemon roasted potatoes and you've got yourself a light and airy, yet opulent dinner.

Put It In A Sandwich: Iberico pork tenderloin may be added to your pork sandwich as an upgrade. As you bite into this sandwich snack, you'll notice how soft and delicious it is.

Bake And Glaze: Make a sauce with balsamic vinegar, olive oil, and maple syrup. Such a sauce won’t overshadow the meat, but rather highlight it with a sweet zing. It will undoubtedly be a sumptuous supper, especially when accompanied by some crisp veggies.

Where to Buy Iberico Pork

Usually your local marketplace or butcher will be the best locations to find the freshest produce. Additionally, when you buy at a farmer's market, you can get fresh, healthy, organic vegetables and fruit that are in season at a reasonable price. Besides that, you'll be supporting local farmers and eating meat that has been produced ethically.


Iberico Pork Pluma Steak is known all over the world because of its elegant taste, superior cut and unique flavor. Despite being revered all over the globe, you can bring all of its amazing flavor and taste to your home with just a simple cooking procedure. 

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