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Ground Iberico-Wagyu Blend
Barbara Samuelson

I had reservations about how much fat would be in this, but fear not, it is marvelous!
We made simple burritos with manchego cheese, hatch peppers, and onions on a butter tortilla. Wow. I wrapped the one i couldn't eat for dinner and had it for breakfast... it was even better.


Ground Iberico-Wagyu Blend
Anthony DAgostini

Very nice ground, worth the $

Ibérico Shoulder Ham
Howard Rosenthal
home chef

spectacular goodness. simple the best in the world. Umami eye rolling with every bite.
there is no second to a Spanish Iberico ham. the shoulder holds the richest deepest flavor.

First experience

In my case this has bot being the vest experience yet. I tried the ribs and they were not at all what i expected not sure if i had a bad batch or what. On the other hand o tried the secreto and it was mind blowing and explosion of flavor. Im not quite sold on campo grande yet which has slow me down to how much im trying. Please share feedback


I know its not how most would eat it, but we seared and put on biscuits with chimichurri before heading to the Grove in Oxford, MS for football. It was very good and I am looking forward to purchasing again.


We cooked these on the grill as recommended and served with chimichurri, rice, and some roasted root vegetables. Plates were cleaned. Looking forward to buying again.

Best pork chops!

Most tender, best flavor! And inlove that the bones are so long!

helpful simple guide on how to best prepare your delicious meat

very helpful guide


From my Pork box I have only had the Secreto. It was pure heaven. I am 100% certain the other items will also be a slice of heaven. When I am finished consuming this pork box I will definitely place another order.

Delicious ribs!

Baked these in the oven with a paprika-based rub and a Jamaica-style rub, both times came out excellent. I will need to put these on the smoker soon. Meaty, flavorful and juicy, perfect every time.

Excellent flavor, tender.

Cooked this as I would any pork tenderloin, keeping it to the rare/medium-rare end. Came out very nice, perfect flavor and very tender and moist. Some pork can tend to be dry, so I really appreciate the cut being so juicy. Served with chimichurri on the side, with baked sweets. My wife raved about it, and she has never been a pork aficionado, the Iberico has changed that.

Great cut, tender and moist

The pork shoulder was bigger than I have usually purchased, I did split it and freeze half so as not to waste it (there are only two of us). I then smoked it over apple wood, but without my usual overnight marinade. It was perfect, a nice layer of fat that kept the meat nice and moist, and the drippings helped flavor it during the smoking process. I used the bare minimum rub, to be able to assess the flavor of the meat, was a good decision. A very flavorful and moist cut, very tender and shredded nicely. Highly recommend.

Ibérico Pork Box
James Kastner
Mind blowing

I read the reviews and watched a bunch of videos. Was on the fence on cooking the steaks at a medium to medium rare. We went with something in the middle of that. Yup, the taste did not compute. Had guests baffled. Everyone was impressed. The secreto and pork belly is on a totally different level. Will be ordering again.

Love my tote

I use it everyday. Great gift with purchase. Thank you


Great for first time cook nice recipes.

Puerco? Si!!!!

Delicious. Maybe a bit salty for my taste buds but succulent. Awsome addition to the charcuterie board.


Not disappointed here. All came in as described. Great assortment good portion size. I will definitely reorder.

BBQ Grillmaster Box
Gloria Preiss

Love the meat so much flavor

Moist and tender

Great flavor and very tender. Made great stuffed peppers.


So full of flavor and very juicy.

Great experience

This brand of pork is truly a cut above the rest

2pc Ibérico Pluma Steak
Patricia Walbornn

I was amazed on how soft this cut of meat was. I felt like I was eating filet minon. I will definitely reorder again!

Very Good!

Having it as a burger as I write this. I like the combination of the beef and pork.


This is some of the best pork I have ever tasted. I’m excited to try the different cuts of pork that I still have to cook. I will soon be ordering their st.Louis style ribs.

Too big. Too complicated.

I smoked it for 12 hours, like I would have smoked a pork butt. It was fattier and did not fall apart like a pork butt. It’s also as big as a thanksgiving turkey. Too much for me.