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Ibérico Pork Box
Janis Sward

These cuts are the real deal! My family just can’t get enough!

We love to hear that!

Happy Hour

My family loved it! I put it out on a cheese plate; and it was gone in seconds.

Shopping Bag

This is a nice sturdy bag!

Spatchcocked Quail
john edwards
Spatchcocked Quail

Loved these little birds so much that I ordered another batch. Excellent.

Some cuts were better than others but generally, it’s ok.

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Excellent cut

This cut never fails to impress when I cook it for guests as well as myself. Stellar quality meat

Best pork

This is the best breed of pork I’ve ever had. Had a 4 course dinner out at restaurant with the vejca steak and the bone in pork loin. The beef was good but the pork stole the show

Good steak

Customer service is amazing in this company. Very fast reply.
Steak was good. Very gamey and nice texture. I’d like to see other cuts of beef like strip steak or loin. Was glad I tried it.

We're so happy you gave us a shot! Some cuts may not be for everyone -- We hope you find your favorite!

Ibérico Pork Box
Russell Griffith
Iberico Pork Box

This is by far the best pork that I've had.


Best I have ever had
Cooked in oven at 225* to get internal temp at 125* then on the grille a minute and a half each side to 140*. Let sit and could cut it with a butter knife. Just wonderful.

Iberico Pork Collar "Coppa"

This was the best cut of pork I have ever had. Smoked it low-and-slow for 4 hours and it turned out fantastic! We will absolutely be buying this one again!

Ibérico Pork Box
Gregory Shnaydman
Great quality Product.

Really enjoyed the variety of the meats!

Best kept secret

This cut is superb on the grill with nothing more than salt. Added a mesquite rub for extra flavor, and a few minutes each side indirect heat from charcoal, you will wish you bought 5 more.

Don Hoffman (DRIVER)

Love all the meat so far

I can’t stop eating this!

Campo Grande, iberico pork is far and away the best pork I have ever tasted in my whole life. The Secreto is absolutely mouthwatering and now I’m craving it even if I had it for dinner the night before. I can’t wait to taste the other cuts. The only improvement would be if they could package the cuts in smaller portions as it’s just myself and My husband. You can actually taste the nuttiness of the acorns that the Pig feeds on. The only pork I will ever buy in the future will be from Campo Grande. Thank you for such a great product.

Amazing taste I will be purchasing regularly

Ibérico Secreto Steak
Cyndie Kottkamp

This cut is my very favorite! Get this instead of the skirt steak.

What a box!!!

So far we have cooked the Secreto and the flank. The taste and juiciness of the meat is unlike anything we have ever had. The meat melts away and the flavor is a power punch on the taste buds.

amazing product

What a great product, treat yourself to some of the best pork in the world. I'm so glad i purchased my box and can't wait the try the other

Thick pork belly

I got two and one was not even a inch thick and I was expecting the skin to be on it

We're so sorry to hear that! Our Thick pork belly does come skinless, however our pork shoulder comes with skin on! - If you feel like there is an issue with the cut itself, please reach out to us at We will make sure you are taken care of!

Ibérico Flank Steak
Anthony Chelena

As a country club manager I get to eat a lot of good food. This was the tastiest meat I've had in several years. Just S&P and Olive Oil.


Good but can be better on certain cuts!

We're curious! What's your favorite cut? (Thats not EEH haha!)

Simply amazing!

Shipment arrived packed professionally and god the secreto cut was so tender and flavourful.. easy to grill.. family is coming next month and I can’t wait to host and serve them this cut!!

We are so happy to hear that you loved it - Good food brings people together like nothing else, so we're excited for you to share some Iberico!