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The delivery people placed my package outside in the direct sun. Some of the meat thawed out. The good folks here, replaced the meat no hassles. I'll continue to do business with them. The meat tastes fantastic.

Truly amazing.

OMG!! truly the the premiere pork, the flavor and the tenderness is truly amazing.

Pluma steak

So delicious.

Secreto Steak

I've only had the secreto steak so far, and it was the tastiest, most tender piece of meat I think I've ever had. Grilled it on my Weber..charcoal. Nothing comparable from the store . . .

Absolutely the best pork I’ve ever tasted. I’m sold and will only purchase from this source online. Thank you for great products !!!

I’ve tried the St. Louis style ribs. Delicious. I can’t wait to try the Coppa tomorrow.

High quality

Outstanding quality and juiciness. A unmatched level of flavor.

Top drawer. In a class by itself.


Our second Campo Grande order. Everything else was out of this world so figured we would try the pastrami. It was out of this world.

Pastrami to write home about

This is delicious pastrami. I tried it as a new item and will be re-ordering it in future. Try it on rye with swiss cheese, French dressing, lettuce and pickles.

We're so glad you enjoyed our Pastrami – it's always exciting to hear positive feedback on any product, and especially a new one! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!


everything was good, we truly enjoyed everything.

Ibérico Pork Box
James S Faulkner

This is absolutely delicious

Cook book

Great recipes


Deliciously gourmet - you cannot find ANYTHING like these products in the grocery stores.


All of their meats are like BUTTER

Ibérico Secreto Steak
Michael Logan
Off the charts!

I have tried Iberico Secreto from other suppliers. While very good, they didn't come close to this ethereal pork experience. Just SPG, quick sear on gas grill, and voila! Super tender, buttery, melt in your mouth pork. Bravo!


very good quality meat very flavorful

Ibérico Flank Steak [Free]
Victor H Miesel
Amazing Flank Steak

Grilled two flank steaks on my Argentine Asado Grill using oak charcoal. It was truly amazing and will definitely be reordering once I’ve finished cooking all the other cuts and the quail.

The pork is really good. The company stands behind their product also.